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A mindful mouthful

As midwinter approaches and the shops pile high with so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food. Consider taking a couple of minutes this month to savour a morsel of food and start your journey to a mindful mouthful, be it a Quality Street or a satsuma segment.

Holding the morsel in the palm of your hand, looking at it as if you’ve never seen such a thing before.  Perhaps turning it over in your hand to examine it from every angle.

Now bring the morsel to your nose and smell it. Paying attention to what is happening inside your mouth as you anticipate eating it.

Placing the morsel on your lips and then taking it inside your mouth and chewing on it. Being aware of what’s happening inside your mouth as you eat it.

Research shows that when we pay attention to what we’re eating, we tend to eat more slowly, to eat less and to make healthier food choices. I am inviting you to take a ‘mindful mouthful’ every now and then.

Feel free to share your experience with me.

On Saturday 28th March we’ll be hosting ‘An introduction to mindfulness’. This will be a 2 hour workshop to introduce you to a more mindful way of thinking. Book your place via MindBody. It will precede an 8-week course we aim to run at tops:health in either Summer or Autumn 2020, “Finding Peace in a Frantic World”. Keep an eye on our class timetable for more information.

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