Sara Fernandez Palacio

Women’s Health Specialist

Sara has been a Physiotherapist for 15 years and her professional background has been enriched by experiences when working in different countries. In 2005, Sara graduated as a physiotherapist in Barcelona and she worked in Spain for 2 years training in postural rehabilitation. In 2008, Sara moved to France and became interested in Women’s Health. She specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation and hypopressive gymnastics with Marcel Caufriez.

It was slightly by accident that Sara that discovered Pilates when in Toulouse in 2014 during a three-day workshop for physiotherapists. She started introducing some Pilates exercises at the end of her physiotherapy sessions with excellent results. In 2015, Sara completed her full comprehensive training with Polestar Pilates in Spain and she fell in love with the method. The Polestar method of understanding movement was revolutionary in her life, her whole posture changed and she discovered that she could move differently, was more flexible, less tired, and more motivated. In 2018, Sara settled in the UK and deepened her passion of rehabilitation through movement focusing on women’s health. In 2019, Sara fell pregnant with her first child and took this opportunity to experiment with Physiotherapy, Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness on her own body with incredible results in labor and post-partum. This experience has opened a new dimension on her practice and knowledge that she feels motivated to share with other women to make them live and enjoy their pregnancies, labors and post-partum mindfully. In her free time Sara practices yoga, dance and she tries to spend as much time as she can in nature. Sara teaches Pilates trying her best to transmit her passion to her clients and show them that life is much easier when you are able to move freely.

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