Due to COVID-19, we have been able to move a lot of our services online to keep you moving.

During these challenging times, people want to stay active, however they are also still experiencing pain and injury, and are having to continue to work.

Our online services will continue alongside any face to face services we can provide for the foreseeable future and we love that we can therefore “see” you and help you online anywhere in the world.

Online Physiotherapy Appointments

We offer secure, remote video online physiotherapy consultations. We are currently using this method as our initial contact for all patients to ensure we follow our latest professional guidance. We can then discuss with you whether to continue with online support or if it is justified, book you in for a face to face appointment at the clinic.

Through the remote video consultation service, we can carry out an assessment of your injury remotely and offer you expert, tailored self treatment advice, education and support and send you an exercise programme that will help your recovery.

To book an online consultation, call us on 01865 311686 or book online.

Online Classes

We are offering our normal class schedule online, apart from the Reformer Pilates classes to help you stay active and exercise. You can use your normal class credits to join the classes and all clinical yoga and reformer class credits will be doubled in quantity. You will need to be registered for the class and you will then be sent an email with the link to join the class online.

online Physiotherapy Oxford