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We are a highly experienced and empathetic group of health care professionals who strive towards excellence in the clinical services we deliver to you.

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We have a network of physiotherapy clinics in Oxford that combine Physiotherapy, health, and movement expertise, in convenient locations, and positive environments.

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Fabulous company! It is really important to me that the company is dedicated to suit every client on an individual basis. It is quite miraculous the positive effect yoga has had on my body and therefore in my everyday life. A good yoga or pilates teacher really needs to understand their client’s individual anatomy needs and that is what makes TOPS so unique.

TOPS has a synergistic offering of physiotherapy treatment and extension to exercise classes in studio space, that is unique.  The fantastic Dominic and Gabi provided such great care and observation in my physiotherapy to sort out a very stubborn bursitis, and the wonderful care has continued in clinical yoga classes with Catherine, who teaches varying abilities and ages with such personalised guidance.  TOPS is really warm and friendly environment where I have gone on from injury treatment to build a physical strength and sense of well being I had thought was beyond me.  I am a strong, happy, and thankful client!

We rarely miss our weekly Pilates class, which is great tribute to the quality of the teaching and the ambience. The class is always friendly, challenging yet supportive, and excellently focused on our individual needs within the group. All instructors have been engaging and understanding, and their variation in approach is a plus, helping to develop our technique. The physio background is a big plus, as all the tutors understand any physical limitations and can explain how to incorporate these into the Pilates moves.

I have used TOPS for physiotherapy for more than ten years, and always found the treatment given to be very helpful and successful.  More recently I have become a regular attender for yoga sessions, which have had a dramatic effect on my posture and my general well being.  This is a great resource, a very professional and friendly place whose services have the potential to benefit just about everyone.

Nicky has helped to turn around my health completely and holistically. She takes a sensible and sensitive approach to what is manageable in terms of changes to diet and lifestyle, and is incredibly effective in helping to bring about change, backed by huge knowledge and expertise.

Joanna is an outstanding physiotherapist and has done wonders for my mobility; I literally do not know what I would have done without her expertise. She has devised exercises for me and adapted them to suit my needs. But as well as being so expert she is a lovely person She is sympathetic, empathetic and always positive and encouraging. She has a wonderful sense of humour and it has been a pleasure to get to know her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much for all your help during my pregnancy. I really don’t think I would have stayed mobile without your amazing help.

I was referred to Anne after suffering a hand injury due to an accident.  Anne’s detailed assessment of my difficulties led to a clear treatment plan of exercises, which were regularly reviewed, maximising my physical recovery. Anne’s empathetic manner and understanding of the emotional impact of my accident was also key to moving forward. Thank you Anne you have helped me so much!

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Suitable for beginners to advanced, we offer private and group Yoga, Matwork and Reformer Pilates. Many classes and private sessions are physiotherapist led and are all held in Summertown.

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tops:health roots are in physiotherapy; a personalised approach to restore movement, function and health following injury, while also reducing the risk of future episodes.

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