Pain & Injury

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in pain relief, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Our Physiotherapists are extremely experienced, passionate and friendly, as your health matters. Dependent upon your problem, we have expertise in a wide variety of specialist areas and appointments are available in Summertown, Oxford, Bicester and Woodstock. We can also provide Physiotherapy home visits if you are unable to attend the clinic due to your medical condition or are recovering from an injury or operation.

All Physiotherapy sessions commence with an initial consultation, aiming to ascertain what your problem is and how we can assist you.

Musculoskeletal disorders can affect many different parts of the body and can arise from a sudden exertion (e.g., lifting a heavy object), a postural issue or a repetitive motion. We can provide treatment following Orthopaedic surgery as well as from acute or chronic Sports Injuries. Many of our Physiotherapists have either worked with or competed at high level Sport and therefore understand your desire to return to activity as soon as possible.