tops:health is pleased to be in partnership with Oxford Sports Physio & Pilates and our Physiotherapy Clinic, that used to run at Oxford University Club, is reopening at Iffley Road Sports Centre.

We have a therapy room and access to gym space to use for both assessment and treatment. The Iffley Road Sports Centre is home of the iconic Roger Bannister running track. The treatment room is accessed by entering the Sports centre via reception and then the treatment room is in a bungalow building on the left hand side of the running track. The preferred method of transport to this site is walking or cycling however there is a car park for drop offs.


Esther JonesEsther Jones
11:03 13 Mar 23
Dom was brilliant, he was able to identify the problem and put some useful and achievable exercises in place... I never thought I'd run again so am incredibly grateful.
Ollie ShorthoseOllie Shorthose
16:08 26 Jan 23
Adi LakhaniAdi Lakhani
22:12 13 Jan 23
Nick RoesenNick Roesen
16:24 10 Jan 23
Dom is the Sherlock Holmes of physios: he is amazing at finding out the underlying problem and giving targeted exercises to solve it. He is also a lovely guy. If you have a complicated problem to solve, go to Dom.

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