VALD technology is made by clinicians to provide objective measurement and generate data to assist with your rehab and performance. At tops:health we have the Dynamo and Force Decks available for muscle strength and joint range testing. Testing on these can provide real time data for bespoke training programs and data informed decision making. 

What is VALD Dynamo Testing?

The Dynamo is the world’s most advanced handheld dynamometer and inclinometer which measures strength and range of motion. This information can ensure we monitor asymmetries both right and left and it provides us with objective information to assist and monitor your rehab. 

What is VALD Force Plate Testing?

Force Plates are large platforms that measure the forces of which we put into the ground when we perform a specific movement or exercise. These Force Plates give us instant feedback on force reactions, which provide us with incredibly valuable information that can be used to design strength programs.

We use VALD technology because testing is important and the extensive data allows us to tailor both rehab and performance based programs to individual needs on a greater level. We are able to constantly learn about your responses to programming to ensure that progressions and modifications are made appropriately and with measurable results.