Hannah Friary

Sports Massage Therapist

Hannah has previously trained and worked professionally as a Dancer and received a First Class BA Hons from London Studio Centre in 2017. Having experienced her own fair share of injuries, she became passionate about helping others in their rehabilitation, injury prevention, and general maintenance for a healthy body. She began to pursue a deeper knowledge of the human body, along with musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunctions; to which she completed a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy and Remedial Sports Therapy from the Oxford School of Sports Massage and is now a member of the association for Soft Tissue Therapists. Since training and qualifying she has gained experience in treating professional performers to competitive rugby players, as well as treating many non-sport related physiological issues that occur from varying occupations and lifestyles. Hannah is keen to build upon her practical skills and will soon be obtaining a qualification in dry cupping also.

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