Are you ready for the slopes?

Winter is here.

At this time of year many people head to the slopes in search of white knuckles. However, six hours a day of sustained exertion, at altitude, can take quite a toll, and many skiers get profoundly tired as a result. It’s one of the reasons why the final hour of the day on the slopes is known as ‘insurance hour’.

To get the most out of pistes and reduce the risk of injury follow these handy tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Warm up and cool down properly
  • Wear suitable clothing/ goggles/ sunglasses
  • Get professional tutoring if new to skiing
  • Avoid fatigue, take regular breaks
  • Keep hydrated, you should drink between 6-8 glasses of water/ day when exercising
  • 10% of all skiing injuries are collisions, so spatial awareness is key
  • Be ski-fit before you go

Being ski-fit is all about leg strength, endurance, balance and cardiovascular fitness, it is advisable to start your preparation around 4-6 weeks before skiing and this should entail progressive exercises.

Our physiotherapists at TOPS can ensure that you are physically prepared through individualised specific exercise programmes. These programmes will consist of warm up exercises, strengthening, and then cool down techniques including stretches. So you can prepare before you go and then keep yourself going when you get there.

If you would like to get into contact to ask a question or arrange an appointment then please don’t hesitate to get in contact by using the form below to telephoning us on 01865 311686.

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