Gyms are opening!

Returning to Gyms

Many gyms across the country are opening their doors from Monday, the 12th of April, encouraging people to return to their old exercise routines.  Exercise habits will have changed significantly during Covid-19 lockdown, so getting back to the gym might feel like light relief for some, whilst others may take tentative steps back. At tops:health we want to make sure that this return is as successful and easy as possible. 

Hopefully, many of you have stayed as active as possible during the lockdown, making the most of our online classes, or devising your home exercise routines. However, it is likely that without resistance training equipment found in gyms, your home training would have lacked the same intensity. To prevent injury on your return, we have come up with a few tips that will help you settle back into a gym exercise routine. 

Take it Easy

Time away from the gym and resistance training can cause muscles and bone strength to vary. It is, therefore, important not to jump straight back into it. To build up your fitness levels stick to the basics and start slowly. Over the last few months you have likely been using your body weight as your main resistance, so do not push yourself too hard with weight training.  It takes patience to build your strength back up. Make sure you give yourself time to readjust to the new routine and the new structure of being back in a gym. 


Warming up before exercise is a great way to prevent injury and improve your performance in the gym. There are many ways to warm up, but each should include steady exercises that target your main muscle groups. A brisk walk, steady run, or active stretching will prepare your body for exercise, and limit the risk for injury.

Spread out your workouts

There is no need to cram all your workouts in at once. Give yourself 48 hours between each one to make sure that your body can recover successfully. Active recovery can be a great way to fill time between going to the gym, for example taking a brisk walk or bike ride, which will help your muscles recover, especially if you are sore. 

Sleep and Eat well

Nutrition and sleep are really important in your body’s recovery patterns. As we start to exercise more it is integral that we give our bodies adequate rest and fuel to recover successfully. The nutrients we give our bodies after working out can help your body repair faster, there are several delicious foods to consider adding to your diet when returning to the gym. 

Covid Safety in Gyms 

For many of us the uncertainty of Covid-19 is still a worry, therefore, returning to the gym might be an overwhelming task. At tops:health your safety and well being are our top priority. We will ensure that covid-guidelines are in place within the gym and class, with no more than 6 people being able to use equipment and limited time slots. We require everyone using our facilities to wear a mask while moving around, and all equipment will be cleaned accordingly. 

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