Matwork Pilates

A number of our Physios have undertaken training with the Australian Pilates & Physiotherapy Institute. This allows us to use both our training and physiotherapy knowledge to modify traditional exercises allowing for the classes to be undertaken by all abilities and also when rehabilitating from an injury. We also have non-Physio Pilates instructors trained with Polestar to offer a range of group matwork classes.

The beginners Matwork Pilates is an introductory class with 6-10 participants taught by Physiotherapists and very experienced Pilates instructors. We ask all to participate in a 30 minute introductory session prior to joining the class. The class has an emphasis on clinical rehabilitation where you will learn to use your core abdominal and stabilising muscles to improve your strength, posture and movement. This class is also appropriate for those recovering from an injury or post-natal women looking to re-start exercise.

Mixed ability Matwork Pilates is a follow on class for all abilities aiming to build upon the exercises learnt in the beginner’s class or for those who have done Pilates before or are returning to Pilates after a break. The class has an emphasis on clinical rehabilitation and is designed to allow everyone to work at their individual level in this larger class of up to 12 people. We expect people to be relatively injury free within this class. These classes may also use small pieces of equipment, including magic circles, therabands and foam rollers.

All equipment is provided but we recommend you bring a towel and drink.

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