New Website!

We are so excited to launch the new tops:health website, and with our refreshed look, we wanted to reintroduce ourselves and let you know what tops:health is all about in 2023!

tops:health is a modern, positive and supportive environment offering a range of effective specialist services that enhance health. We look to encourage and empower people to understand their health through movement, information, data and research.

As the tops:health team and services have grown and evolved, we wanted to ensure that we appropriately showcased all that we have to offer to individuals looking to proactively manage an injury, improve their health or performance and understand their health further. 

We want to demonstrate our expertise to provide bespoke services assisting you to perform in sport and everyday life whilst still focussing on recovery.

Why tops:health?

What makes us different is our range of expertise. We are pretty unique in having such a wide variety of health and movement professionals working across our locations providing a personalised service. We also have a focus on preventative health and lifestyle behaviours; be it introducing exercise after a break or a significant health event, or looking to improve your activities day to day or within sport. 


75% of our business at tops:health is MSK and Sports Physiotherapy, for example, for back, neck, shoulder, knee or hip pain and this is offered across all four of our locations:


Iffley Road



Many of our physiotherapists have specific expertise, for example headaches, hands sciatica, oncology or pelvic health and therefore please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss any specific needs with our reception team and we’ll match you up accordingly.

We also offer sports and remedial massage from Bicester, Iffley Road and Summertown. 

Alongside this we have physiotherapists who also offer clinical pilates and yoga rehabilitation.

Health & Performance

Our performance services are focussed around those who are looking to understand more about their body and health. For example, if you get foot or lower leg pain when you walk or run then our gait assessment service may be appropriate. If you exercise regularly but want to understand more about your fitness levels and where you should focus your training then our physiologist can provide a suite of fitness assessments to let you better understand this. 

Finally, we are introducing further technology from VALD that will assist in strength testing, providing objective data, allowing people to understand asymmetries and areas to focus on rehab.

Body & Mind

Matwork classes have been long established within tops:health since 2000, however as these class offerings have expanded, we wanted to provide more distinction as to the benefit of attending these classes. We now offer Matwork and Reformer Pilates, Tai Chi, Iyengar, Hatha and Clinical Yoga classes. These sessions are great for increasing strength and mobility whilst emphasising control, breathing, balance, flow and coordination of functional movement. 

We are one of the very few places in Oxford offering Reformer and Equipment Pilates which is a great adjunct to all exercise and to counteract the demands of a modern lifestyle sitting and at desks and computers. 

We also like to focus on the mental health benefits of movement and exercise which then benefits all aspects of life. 

So, wherever you are on your health, performance and well-being journey, we’re sure we can help. Health is dynamic and evolving and therefore so are we as an organisation. We welcome all feedback and want to work alongside people in assisting them to achieve their goals. We value the long term relationships we have developed over the years and want to continue to build on these.

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