Open Day – 20th May

We are really pleased to welcome you to a day of talks and movement at our clinic in Summertown.

Please find below details of the class schedule which are available FREE of charge. There are limited spaces for the sessions and therefore please do book.

If you normally attend one of these classes weekly then your booking will be free on this day.

8am Antenatal Pilates with Sara STUDIO or ONLINE
9.15am Hatha Yoga with Bertie STUDIO or ONLINE
9.15am Reformer Pilates with Vanessa STUDIO
10.30am Reformer Pilates with Vanessa STUDIO
11.30am Reformer Pilates with Vanessa STUDIO
12.30pm Tai Chi with Amy STUDIO
1.40pm Iyengar Yoga with Sophia STUDIO or ONLINE
5pm Reformer Pilates with Rita STUDIO
6.15pm Matwork Pilates with Rita STUDIO or ONLINE

We will also be running the following appointments and health talks:

9am – 12pm 30 minute Massage sessions with Hannah
10.30am Health Talk with Ben – Benefits of Strength Training
11.30am Health Talk with Nicky – Nutrition for Bone Health
12pm – 1pm 15 minute Nutrition Consultations with Nicky

If you would like to join one of these sessions, you can book the classes online via our app or please contact us stating the details, for example, Online yoga class with Bertie or 9.30am massage with Hannah.

If you are joining a class online then you will be sent an email zoom link to join 12 hours before the class. We also ask you to have your camera on for the class and for the yoga classes, please have a mat, block and belt available to use. Face masks are required for Massage sessions.

If you have any health conditions then please also get in contact prior to joining the class to check if it is appropriate for you.

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