Resolutions are out…Systems are in!

The New Year can be a time when people set goals or resolutions. However, there has been a slightly different take this year where people are stating what are their “ins” and “outs” for 2024.

Like goals, these will be highly personal but what differs from goals, is that it is about focusing on systems to make progress, rather than solely the outcome.

Why? Because achieving a goal is only a monetary change. It is like if we in Physiotherapy only treated your symptoms without trying to work out the cause of the problem. Goals can also be an issue as they can restrict happiness. There is the assumption that once you achieve a goal, things will be good. However, if this isn’t the case, then what next?

Focusing on the process rather than the end product, means you can be happy and satisfied anytime you are progressing. It also gives you the ability to allow the end goal to evolve and develop rather than be a fixed outcome.

If goals do work for you when planning your progress then great. However, if you are not making the health or rehab progress you are looking for, then a new approach looking at systems may be beneficial.

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