We can provide Physiotherapy home visits if you are unable to attend the clinic due to your medical condition or are recovering from an injury or operation. This will involve a full assessment and then discussion and implementation of a functional rehabilitation programme.

As well as Physiotherapy provided at home for those unable to make it to one of our clinics, we offer a Functional Rehab class in Summertown. This small group class run by one of our Physiotherapists is suitable for people looking to improve their balance, reduce the risk of falls and promote independence. This Physiotherapist-led strength-based session lasts 45 minutes and includes warm-up, strengthening, balance, coordination and aerobic exercises in sitting and standing. The class is particularly suitable for those who are independently mobile but want to exercise in a safe environment, with problems such as:

  • Fear of falling or loss of confidence,
  • Feeling unstable/ balance problems
  • History of falls
  • Loss of fitness after injury, illness or an operation.
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