What is sports rehab?

What Is sports therapy/rehab and how can it help you?

Obviously, the big word in this is sports! Most people will dismiss sports rehabilitation/therapy due to the specificity of that word. Another angle to look at this from is if you class any movement or day to day activity as a sport, then you can see how anyone can benefit and can be helped.

So whether you see a sports therapist, sports rehabilitation specialist or even a sports massage therapist that incorporates rehabilitation into there sessions they can all help you.

Although the hands-on soft tissue work can be effective in initially reducing symptoms of pain and even the maintenance of pain, in the long run incorporating specifically tailored movements and strength exercises can further keep the issue at bay.

As therapists we love that you see the value in the hands-on treatments as much as we do, but ultimately we want to give you the tools and knowledge to take your body into your own hands.

Sam Pearce, Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

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