What is your Grip Strength?

What is your Grip Strength and why is it important?

You may think that grip strength is solely related to your hand function but research shows that it can actually be an indication of overall healthy ageing.

This research shows that an important aspect of health ageing, mobility and function is not solely about weight loss but on improving strength to extend lifespan.

Maintaining mobility is understood to be a key marker for healthy ageing as being generally mobile can maintain independence. However, the research also shows a strong link between grip strength and expected lifespan.

Grip strength has shown a reduced risk of several common diseases, including heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer. This seems to be due to the health promotion benefit of muscle mass generally throughout the body, including its role in regulating blood sugar.

An increased grip strength is understood to be an indicator of general overall strength throughout the body. Therefore, actively looking to maintain and increase grip strength alongside overall general body strength is highly encouraged. This can include specific hand strengthening exercises alongside exercises such as hanging for a bar to challenge full upper body strength.

Whilst ageing is a natural process, we can take steps to “age well” including maintaining and actively looking to increase muscle strength.

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