Winter Wellness

It’s that time of year! We are all familiar with the new challenges winter brings to our wellness journey. The nights draw in and the temperature drops, making it tempting to hibernate and bunker up for the winter. On top of this, there are the stresses of frantic Christmas shopping, increased cost of living and all the festivities, work parties and reconnecting with friends and family. All of this can increase the temptation to indulge in sweet treats and alcoholic beverages. Despite all these changes of routine, it is possible to continue your wellness journey without stopping you from enjoying this festive time of year! This blog hopes to bring you some wellness advice to get you through the winter months and to feel happy, healthy and ready to bring on 2024!

Here are some tips to tackle the winter:

  1. Stay active

Regular exercise is essential for both physical and mental health. Find activities you enjoy, whether it’s indoor workouts, winter sports, or brisk walks. For those days when the weather is simply too harsh to venture outside, consider indoor workouts. Home workouts, gym sessions, or group fitness classes are great options. Try incorporating a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises to keep your fitness regimen well-rounded. 

  1. Dose up on Vitamin D

With shorter days and less sunlight, it’s common to experience a decrease in vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels can lead to symptoms including fatigue, decreased muscle and bone health, joint pain, and mood changes. Consider taking supplements or consuming foods rich in vitamin D, such as fatty fish, fortified dairy products, and eggs to prevent the drops in your vitamin D levels.

  1. Be Realistic and Kind to yourself

Setting realistic and achievable fitness goals can be a great motivator during the winter months. Take your change of routine into account and adapt your fitness routine the season. Whether it’s maintaining your current fitness level, improving your flexibility, or trying a new workout routine, make sure your goals are attainable and tailored to your winter schedule to help you stick to them. It is also important not to beat yourself for not being able to fit in the same activities as you did in summer.

  1. Plan Time for Relaxation

Schedule downtime for yourself, whether it’s reading a book, taking a bath, yoga or simply unwinding with deep breathing. Over this busy season, it is easy to over-commit to work, socialising and family plans. Try to prioritize self-care to reduce stress. Reducing stress will help to boost your immune system and help you feel charged for you to keep up with your wellness routine and all your other commitments.

  1. Moderation 

Enjoy the delicious holiday treats but be mindful of portion sizes. Fill your plate with vegetables and lean proteins to balance out indulgent dishes. Savor your food and eat slowly to avoid overeating. Both alcohol and sugary beverages can be abundant during the holiday season. Consume them in moderation and consider healthier drink options, like herbal tea or water with lemon, when you can.

  1. Stay Connected

Winter blues are real for some people. Stay socially connected with friends and family to combat feelings of isolation. Consider joining winter activities or classes to meet new people.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and enjoy, but it’s also essential to maintain a balance between festivities and your overall health and well-being- And it is not impossible to do both! These tips will help you make the most of the season while staying on track with your health and wellness goals. To help you stay on track with your winter wellness, the Tops: health social media page will announce a little wellness advent calendar leading up to Christmas. Each day there will be a new little challenge that you can try to implement that day. These challenges will aim to help guide you and inspire you with little ideas of what you can do in your busy routines to big difference to your health and well-being. Keep an eye out and we are here and happy to support with your winter wellness journey into 2024!

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