Tom Harrison

Pilates Instructor- Reformer Pilates Classes & Private Pilates Training Sessions

Tom has been teaching equipment based pilates and personal training for the past decade and has recently started the first year of the Physiotherapy programme at Oxford Brookes. The real joy in teaching Pilates, and movement in general, comes from seeing clients strengthening their connections between the mind and the body. Tom believes that everyone can benefit from a little mindful movement in their life, and he wants his clients to be able to take the awareness they learn in the studio and apply it to any activity they do. Tom particularly enjoys teaching beginners and helping them build a strong foundation. However this is a life long journey and no matter where you are on the path, myself included, there is room for learning every step of the way. Outside of living, breathing & thinking about movement, Tom finds a lot of joy in cooking for friends and playing board games with them.

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