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We would like to introduce you to Rebecca, a keen runner and exercise enthusiast, as well as a regular attendee of Pilates reformer classes at tops.

Rebecca, can you tell us about how you keep active and why?

Sport and exercise has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been a keen runner and continued to run throughout all of my pregnancies. Things escalated ‘slightly’ after my final pregnancy and I began to throw myself into more running competitions but going further and higher! I keep active to compete but because I also love being outside, travelling, meeting new people, challenging myself. I just love to move!

Would you be happy to explain how Pilates complements your running?

Absolutely! In Pilates, I have found something that challenges both my body and mind whilst simultaneously helping to keep my body strong and lengthened. It has helped to make me much more aware of how I move , in every day life just as much as whilst running. It has enabled me to look more analytically at my body and movement and try to correct any imbalances. For instance, when I move now in a glute bridge, I am much more aware of what my hips are doing. This in turn translates into much more balanced running and hopefully prevents injuries or at least, minimizes the risk.

When the days are short, cold and dark, how do you keep motivated and consistent in exercising?

I try to always stay positive and remember how good it feels once I have done it! How worthwhile the effort is. Sometimes, I will also train indoors on the bike or treadmill which helps when it really is too bad outside!

If you had a piece of advice for anyone currently not regularly exercising, what would it be?

Just start! I think it is always beneficial to have a goal. Start small and think of an achievable target. Once you’ve hit that target, set another one., There is no limit on what we can achieve when we put our minds to something!

You can sometimes be found running high in the mountains across the World as well as in deepest Wales, what locations or events are on the agenda for 2020?

Quite a diverse mix of terrain and locations for 2020. I start in February running in the jungles of Costa Rica in a 6 stage race. From there, it’s back to the UK and roads for a 100km race. After that, it is a mixture of UK hills and Alps finally finishing in November with a race in the Himalayas. After this, I am going to attempt to climb Ama Dablam, a 6800m technical mountain in the Himalayas.

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